Pianist and composer based in Copenhagen. Studies of modern and not quite as modern jazz piano styles, classical music, analog synths & indie music / Balancing the highly personal with that which is recognizable and relatable, makes for an interesting / and at times original / sound.

Upcoming Events

January 27th, 7pm

Thure Lindhardt/Søren Gemmer – Alting Har En Tid

Venue: Sankt Povls Kirke, Korsør

SG will be performing with actor Thure Lindhardt in a musical reading of ‘Ecclesiastes’ from the canonical Wisdom Books in the Old Testament.

Electronically manipulated acoustic grand piano and analog synths projecting a phantasmagoria of sounds in a quadrophonic setup from all four corners of the church enveloping the reading by Lindhardt, well-known for his appearances in feature films ‘Flammen og Citronen’, ‘Nordkraft’, ‘Angels & Demons’ and many more.

February 4th, 5pm

Thure Lindhardt/Søren Gemmer – Alting Har En Tid

Venue: Ishøj Kirke, Ishøj, near CPH.

February 22nd, 8pm

w/ Criss Cross Europe

Venue: Ghent, Belgium.

SG will be participating in the Criss Cross Europe-project – a collaboration between five different European national jazz agencies led by Danish percussionist phenomenon, Marilyn Mazur.