Pianist and composer based in Copenhagen. Studies of modern and not quite as modern jazz piano styles, classical music, analog synths & indie music / Balancing the highly personal with that which is recognizable and relatable, makes for an interesting / and at times original / sound.

Upcoming Events
Mads La Cour

July 9th, 8pm

CJF2017: The Lark

Venue: LiteraturHaus, Møllegade, Nørrebro, CPH


July 10th, 6pm

CJF2017: w/ Svein Rikard Mathisen // Somebody’s Quartet

Venue: MellemRummet, Ravnsborggade, Nørrebro, CPH

July 10th, 8pm

CJF2017: w/ Reverse & Thomas Agergaard

Venue: Frihavnskirken, Willemoesgade, Østerbro, CPH

July 11th, 6pm

CJF2017: The Bird, The Piano & The Drum

Set in a bastardlike realm of warped acousticallity fused with an unprecendented use of the piano’s low-register, ‘The Bird, The Piano, The Drum’ is the exciting new musical venture embarked upon by Søren Gemmer.

It explores fluid non-metric rhythmic realities, and draws among other sources upon tiny fragments of Messaien’s birdsong piano compositions.

Also, a fiery unit of players, one to behold and hear.

Tomasz Dabrowski (POL) – trumpet // Tobias Wiklund (SWE) – trumpet/flügelhorn // Bjørn Heebøll – drums // SG – electronically manipulated grand piano

Thure Lindhardt

July 12th, 8pm

CJF2017: Thure Lindthardt/Søren Gemmer – ‘Alting Har En Tid – Nye Stemmer II’

Venue: Sankt Markus Kirke, Frederiksberg

SG will be performing with actor Thure Lindhardt in a musical reading of ‘Ecclesiastes’ from the canonical Wisdom Books in the Old Testament upon invitation from Saint Mark’s Church in Frederiksberg, CPH, during the CJF 2017.

Electronically manipulated acoustic grand piano and analog synths projecting a phantasmagoria of sounds in a quadrophonic setup from all four corners of the church enveloping the reading by Lindhardt, well-known for his appearances in feature films ‘Flammen og Citronen’, ‘Nordkraft’, ‘Angels & Demons’ and many more.

Mads La Cour

July 14th, 6pm

CJF2017: The Lark

Venue: MellemRummet, Ravnsborggade, Nørrebro, CPH

As listener, it is as if you get hopelessly lost in a mirror tent like Orson Welles in The Lady From Shanghai. Everything is constantly on the move and nothing is what it seems. The entry points change continuously. Sharp contours dissipate and glide into sensual animal calls. Poetic passages become transfigured into dark psychological sketches. Behind the sometimes seemingly deliniated decor lie suddenly other dimensions. Enter at your own risk. – Georges Tonla-Briquet, Jazzmozaïek (BE)