Category: Album ‘The Lark’

The Lark was recently reviewed in Belgian magazine Jazzmozaïek by Georges Tonla Briquet. Reprinted here in its entirety, it shows a most enigmatically praiseful take on the music on the album, and is in itself a beautiful piece of writing: … Continue reading

Alceste Ayroldi, longtime contributor to Italian magazine Musica Jazz has published an extended interview of SG. It covers The Lark, At First, authors John Steinbeck and Peter Watson, Arvo Pärt, and the difference between modern jazz in the US and Europe … Continue reading

The sophomore album of SG, The Lark, was released by German label WhyPlayJazz on February 26th. The reception has so far been highly favourable, Phil Barnes of AllAboutJazz (US), Niels Overgård of Jazznyt (DK) and Mike Collins of London Jazz … Continue reading

Greifswald-based label for adventurous modern jazz and improvised music, WhyPlayJazz, has graciously decided to release the upcoming album from Søren Gemmer. The album is set to release on February 26th of 2016 and will be titled ‘The Lark’.