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Palle Mikkelborg

Søren Gemmer will be featured with the Danish Radio Big Band and Palle Mikkelborg as the ensemble and the legendary trumpeter/composer, alongside Marilyn Mazur and Helen Davies, will be presenting ‘Welcome Ofelia‘ at the CPH Jazz Festival 2016. The concert is … Continue reading

JazzHouse I

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival this year (3th-12th of July) will see Søren Gemmer performing in new collaborations and at new venues. Newly formed group ‘Tully Boris III’ will perform three times at the festival. Tomasz Dabrowski (POL), Anders Vestergaard and … Continue reading

Kunstplakat Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2014

Festival Feast 2014, 4th-13th of July This year’s Copenhagen Jazz Festival will provide several opportunities of hearing the Søren Gemmer Quartet, the Gemmer-Estola Quartet and a special one-time only group with Kresten Osgood, Mads La Cour & Richard Andersson – as well … Continue reading

Jørgen Leth Press Photo

Modern jazz group, Reverse, has on occasion teamed up with poet, film maker, writer, jazz fan, cycling commentator, national icon – Jørgen Leth (Site / Blog). The group has so far played three sold out concerts at CPH JazzHouse and in relation to one … Continue reading

From left; Aske Drasbæk, former bass player Tapani Toivanen, Olli Estola, Søren Gemmer

The Gemmer-Estola is operative once again. Continue reading

Poster by artist Søren Behncke

An update on the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2013 schedule for Søren Gemmer. Continue reading