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Søren Gemmer Quartet

Søren Gemmer Quartets

Mostly performing original compositions by SG, these two acoustic groups merges the melodic and harmonic sensibilities of the composer, attentive group improvisation, and intense solo playing efforts of the individual members. One features guitar player Per Møllehøj, the other trumpet player Mads La Cour.

The two quartets has recently recorded an albums worth of music in Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück. It features eight compositions by SG, rich in experiments with form as well as the melodic inventiveness which was prominent on the debut album at first. Details on release date coming soon.

Mads La Cour - flügelhorn

Mads La Cour is equally well-known for being an acclaimed band leader and composer in his own right and as having joined the DR Big Band from a very young age. His playing is highly personal and expressive, often juxtaposing clear-cut simple melodies with abstract outbursts in improvisation. His style and temperament sits very well with the ingenious musical universe of Søren Gemmer.

Tapani Toivanen - double bass

TT is a musician with numerous concert and recording accomplishments to his name. Most notably his work with the Joona Toivanen Trio (JT, TT and Olavi Louhivuori) with releases on EMI Bluenote and the Italian CAM Jazz-label and extensive live work on the European jazz scene. Also, the cross-Scandinavien jazz group, Jazz & Fly Fishing, benefits from TT's talents as a bass player and fly fisher man as well.

Andreas Fryland - drums

AF is a universally known musician in the jazz milieu of Copenhagen, having worked with the apex of Danish jazz live and on recording. His work as a drummer can be heard on releases by Thomas Hass and Jimmy Halperin and his co-leading and compositional efforts are also documented on releases by the Walter Wolff/ Francesco Angiuli/Andreas Fryland trio.

Per Møllehøj - guitar

PM has in recent years established himself as the premier modern jazz guitarist on the Copenhagen scene, his masterful lyrical line playing and the seemingly effortless ability to work in the field of deeply swinging mainstream standards jazz as well as original compositions in modern jazz has not gone unnoticed. His debut album 'A Brother and a Sister' is rich in poetry and soulful playing and features Møllehøj's own compositions, rich in simple beauty.